Welcome to Biscuit Bunny Bakes!

I started in June 2020, being made unemployed in the wake of the pandemic, I turned to baking as a hobby to keep me sane during lockdown and I started sending friends and family personalised bakes letting them know I missed them and loved them and here was a little treat to cheer them up

People seemed to be enjoying them and I thought "I wonder if I could spread more love and cheer around the UK?"

So I hopped on Etsy and put up a listing and on THAT DAY! Yes THAT DAY I had my first sale! I couldn't believe it, someone thought they looked nice and trusted me to make them something special. I was so excited and called my mum and got baking!

Since then I've been enjoying seeing so many messages of positivity and love being sent all over the UK. Announcements of babies, engagements, asking friends to be Bridesmaids and in-jokes to cheer mates up. It's been the positivity I and many more people have needed during this time and I love that I get to see so much of it and share it on social media @biscuitbunnybakes

Since March 2021 Biscuit Bunny is officially a Business and I'm so excited to see what the next chapter of Biscuit Bunny will bring. I can't wait to create more amazing bakes, hopefully get to some markets once we're out of lockdown and continue to bring smiles all over the UK.

Keep an eye on our Social Media on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and positivity!

Thanks to everyone for the support and turning my little Hobby into a Business! 

Big Loves,

Zoe - Biscuit Bunny